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The Cocoa Units Project is an open-source project designed to create test cases for every API in Apple's Cocoa frameworks for Mac OS X. Creating these unit tests thus yields a comprehensive library of example code for methods in each class, and also helps to find bugs in Apple's frameworks.

Writing unit tests for the Cocoa Units project is a very simple task that generally requires about 5 to 10 minutes per test. To contribute to the project, you will require a Mac running Mac OS X, the latest release of Apple's Mac OS X Developer Tools, and a copy of Sen:te's OCUnit testing kit. Both the Mac OS X DevTools and Sen:te's OCUnit testing kit are free. To download the Mac OS X DevTools, you must be an Apple Developer Connection member. If you are not currently an ADC Member, you may register for the free Online membership by clicking on the Join ADC image here.

This website is still under construction right now. In the next few weeks, expect a more complete website with more info available. Until then, visit our Sourceforge project or browse the site using the navigation menu on the left.

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